Questions of the Month: Departure Delay and Customization Features

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1. How do I customize the letter without reference by name?

Often under the customization of the letter understand only the insertion of the reference. But this is not the only way to make the letter more individual.

To do this you need to choose «Adjust base fields» in your account in the SendExpert system in the section «Project setup».

Here the user can add the required number of fields by clicking «Add base fields». The user marks the desired field name — it can be, for example, «current account» or «company name» — and selects which type of data it will be: text, date, or list.

The created fields are automatically filled in with the corresponding information from the imported base.

In order to apply customization in letter, it is necessary to find the item «Customization» in the editor, select the required field from the list and use the cursor to insert it into the text of the letter.

2. Why letters sent via SMTP server are delayed for 30 seconds or more?

The speed of sending letters via SMTP does not change, but it is sent every 60 seconds.

That is, the emails are sent not individually, but in a kind of batches. All letters created in the system accumulate within 60 seconds and sent together on the last second.

Therefore, if the server has just sent a batch of letters and the user clicks «Send» on the first second of the next minute, its sending will begin after 59 seconds.

3. Why do letters sent via SMTP get into spam?

The factors that affect the receipt of spam are the same for letters sent using SMTP, and for regular emails.

It can be:

  • capital letters in the letter subject;
  • «dangerous» words in subject such, as: promotion, free, discount, buy, etc;
  • large number of images;
  • repeated exclamation or question marks;
  • email inboxes use from free email services as a return email address.

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