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SendExpert — is bulk email mailing service, easy and high quality marketing tool that anyone can handle to use.

Every project is based on a clear idea and a goal-driven method that lead developers.

The goal of our company is to help our clients save the most valuable resource – their time.

An average person, who has not been previously engaged in email marketing, has no chance to deal quickly with mailing systems. Accordingly, we have created a simple tool that will benefit anyone who wants to implement email campaigns without a lot of effort.

We have taken into account personal experience, have analyzed existing systems, have compiled a list of missing elements and advantages of each one and also we have carried out a survey among potential customers and partners.

Therefore the electronic mailing service SendExpert was born. It has a simple interface, which is clear to all users regardless of their knowledge of computers. Furthermore, it has permanent technical support that works on principle of personal assistant standing by to solve any issue our customers experience.

Our service is optimized for international use and is convenient for clients from any country. That is why it is an efficient solution for today's fast-paced business environment.

SendExpert is a high-grade service, yet our company strives each day to continuously refine it and exceed our clients' expectations.

It has led us to understand that our mission is also to popularize email marketing in fast growing surroundings.

Starting from 2012 we are not just helping to create and deliver mails, but offer a vast range of possibilities to learn email marketing. Our specialists developed a unique program that allows you to learn all you need to know about email and SMS-mailings to position yourself as an email marketing specialist.

Email campaigns are a breeze with SendExpert!

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