Problems with Test Emails and Charging for Letters from an Autoresponder

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1. What should I do if I have not received the test email to my email address despite the fact that the subject of the letter, its content and the return address of the sender are «correct»?

If you are sure that the email address for the test email is eligible and that the subject and content do not contain SPAM errors, you can try the following actions.

Open the «Filters» subsection in the «Address Book» section and create a filter that includes only your email address. Send an email to the addresses in this filter and check the result. You can add one or several email addresses (or colleagues' addresses) to the filter. This way you will be able to check the «reaction» of different mail systems to a future email and at the same time, to see how letters are displayed in different email clients.

2. I want to send an SMS with an alpha name that I previously registered in another mailing service. What shall I do with an existing alpha name?

You shall contact technical support, as well as send a letter of request with an indication of your registered alpha-name in order to use it for SMSes. Technical support staff will check with the mobile operators the ability to automatically confirm the alpha name and give you the answer.

In some cases, they will offer you to change slightly the spelling of the alpha name. After that, you will have to submit an application for re-registration of alpha-name in SendExpert system (in the «Alpha Names for SMS» subsection of the «Project Settings» section). In some cases, you will have to wait from 7 to 10 days until the updated alpha name is confirmed by some operators.

3. How long does it take to wait for moderation of an SMS and how does it occur?

The SMS moderation is conducted by operators immediately after sending the SMS. It usually takes a few minutes. They can only reject an email in case of Anti-Spam policy rules violation and if the content of a message is prohibited for sending.

4. How are the letters from autoresponder charged? Is the charge for them included in the current Service Plan, or they are charged separately?

The charge for the letters sent from autoresponder will be deducted from the total number of letters provided by the prepaid Service Plan.

If you use all the letters that are provided in the Service Plan for a month, the money for each additional letter from autoresponder will be debited from your balance.

If there are no funds on the balance, the letters will not be sent and you will receive a corresponding notification (to the email address that was indicated as the sender in the letter from autoresponder).

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