October Questions: work with base and new features in SendExpert

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1. Why do I need to attach screenshots of email addresses to base import?

It is important that the emails of the customers were not the usual spam. Screenshot with CRM or any other accounting system and contact processing is a confirmation that you have not purchased the base.

2. Why do the addresses in the screenshot have to match the imported addresses from the Excel file?

This serves as a confirmation to us that you are the owner of the base, and the screenshot that you attached to the import, made with your CRM.

3. How to download an updated base if some addresses have already been imported into the service along with the previous version of the base?

During the re-import into the project, only those addresses that are not yet in the SendExpert system will be loaded, and the addresses that already exist in the project base will not be duplicated. If you need to re-load the entire base in a separate project and the same address in two projects will meet, the addresses of the bases will be summed up in relation to the tariff plan.

For example, you created two projects with 500 addresses each. Despite the fact that part of the base of the first project will be identical to the base of the second, the system will count the import of thousands of subscribers.

4. Is it possible to add a preheader?

Yes. After recent updates in the SendExpert system there is a separate field where users can register a special preheader for the letter. The line for adding a preheader is located directly under the «Subject» field.

5. Can I edit the unsubscribe field?

One of our clients has a problem.

«The fact is that the email go to Europe, in particular, many customers from Germany. And the unsubscribe button is in Russian and, if I'm not mistaken, you can also create it in English. Is it possible to make the «Unsubscribe» button in two languages simultaneously using /. Or, maybe, insert another button with a link to unsubscribe, in addition, but in German?»

After this request, our development department added the ability to make changes to the static elements of the template, and now SendExpert users can change the language of the unsubscribe line to the desired one. In addition, it is possible to adjust the appearance of this element and its location.

What actually such a button need for? This is a prerequisite for mass emails. If the recipient does not want to receive email for any reason, he should be able to unsubscribe from it. If you do not provide such an opportunity, such emails will be regarded as spam and can be blocked.

Also now, SendExpert has the ability to send transactional emails using the SendExpert SMTP server.

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