Question of the month: why you should not buy the base for your emails

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Have you ever had to clean email inbox from unwanted letters, spam? If the user has not given consent to receive correspondence from you, it is strictly prohibited to send the emails. Otherwise, you will find yourself on the right path of the spammer, that does not bode well. We will tell you why spamming is bad and what it threatens.

1. Why purchased base does not fit?

It is almost impossible to know how such base is collected and whose contacts are in it. So purchased base in no way will improve your life. As a result, you will find quite the opposite of the desired performance, despite the quality and information value of the letters.

If there will be a result of such emails, it is only a lucky chance, but the subsequent letters will «fly» past the «Inbox», and you will go directly to the black lists of spammers.

2. What conversion will I get from the purchased base?

None. Email list without a target audience will not bring the desired results. It is impossible to check which audience you've bought and what its benefits are. Without knowing the customers and their interests, you will not get the expected response from these people. It is likely that for the majority of recipients of your emails will just be spam.

3. Why are my emails blocked and added to the «black list»?

There are many spam «blockers» now. They create «spam traps» — special email accounts, which, getting to the email contacts, mark the addressee as a spammer, and his IP is automatically added to the «black list». After that, all subsequent emails from this address will be blocked by spam filters.

4. Why should I delete email addresses that do not exist?

On websites that require mandatory registration, visitors often use disposable email inboxes. There is no guarantee that your purchased base will not consist of such false addresses.

Accordingly, the result of your emails will not be available, because you just send letters to the «empty space».

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