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Preheaders that will help to increase OR

Many email clients on the general page of the list of letters reflect not only the subject, but also part of the letter text. It is called preheder.

This is an independent element that plays a very important role. It is a bridging phase between the letter subject and the information that they want to tell the recipient.

If you do not write a preheader, the email client will simply «pull» the first sentence from the letter body. And this usually brings unnecessary trouble: from the incorrect length of the sentence to the completely incomprehensible meaning of the message.

Now SendExpert system has ability to insert a special preheater for emails. To do this, specify in the corresponding field the summary of the letter, or text that might be interesting to the client.

A properly composed preheader will help the client to get more information, increase interest in the letter and, accordingly, increase OR

Links that do not violate the design

The email editor has added a new block «Constants», with which you can make it even more attractive, maintaining its own design, even in small details of the letter.

In this block, the link «View in browser» and «Cancel» can be placed in the part of the letter where they will be most appropriate, in your opinion.

At the same time, you can change their name, color and style to preserve the design and not disrupt the composition of the sheet.

If the user does not want to use them, the links will be automatically placed at the top and bottom of the letter, as before.

Automatic package renewal

Now SendExpert users can choose to continue automatically prepaid packages for the next period.

To do this, it is enough to set or uncheck the corresponding item in the account settings.

Users should pay attention. If you canceled the automatic renewal and the prepaid package has ended, then you will switch to the «Free» package, in which 300 subscribers are available.

The remaining subscribers will be automatically disabled and will not participate in emails.

As soon as you activate any of the system packages, subscribers will be included according to the characteristics of the new package.

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