Financial FAQs

What payment methods are available?

It is possible to pay with "Visa" or "MasterCard" cards through the system and by bank transfer.

Can I pay by wire transfer?

Yes, you can pay for our services by bank transfer to our bank account. To do this, select the "Cashless settlement" payment form in the recharge section of the personal account, fill in the required fields and create an Account agreement for payment.

What accounting documents are issued when paying by bank transfer?

You get the original Account agreement and Service Acceptance Report.

How quickly will my balance be recharged?

When paying Visa or MasterCard cards through the system, funds are credited almost immediately.

In case of payment by bank transfer, the funds are credited on the day of receipt of the money to our account. We understand that sometimes it is necessary to "recharge the balance urgently", so you can send us a scan of payment so that funds can be credited to your balance faster.

Why can`t I issue an invoice for less than 600 UAH?

This restriction (the amount of recharge is not less than 600 UAH) is set only for payments by bank transfer. If you need to recharge the balance in the amount less than 600 UAH, use such payment methods as WebMoney or Visa/ MasterCard cards.

Last update 19.01.2023