Email campaign FAQs

Can I make free email-mailings using the SendExpert service?

Of course, you can send up to 3000 emails per month free of charge within the "Free" package, which is automatically activated after registration in our service.

If you plan to send more than 3000 emails per month, you need to switch to the corresponding paid package. You can find the email list rates in the section "Tariffs" or in personal account.

The status of my mailing is "Sent for Administrator`s review". What is it?

In order to avoid SPAM, all emails that are sent by a new user of the system are reviewed for compliance with the rules of our Antispam Policy. This review takes from a few minutes to several hours and is reviewed by our experts. If no violations are found in the letter, your email is sent to the recipients.

How long does the mailing moderation (Administrator`s review) take?

Administrator`s review of email takes from a few minutes to several hours in the daytime, at night and on weekends – up to 8 hours.

Can I send my emails without Administrator`s review?

If you do not send SPAM, do not violate the Rules of the service use, and your emails do not contradict our Antispam Policy, over time, your account will automatically be transferred to appropriate status.

What name and return email address will be displayed in the letters I sent?

The name and return email address of the sender, as well as the message subject, you specify yourself when creating your mailing. What you specify in the corresponding fields will be seen by the recipient.

Also, please note that you can send emails only from a real return email address.

Why did the letters I sent get into SPAM?

Spam filters of email clients work "by content". Therefore, we recommend you to check the email header, the return address of the sender and the contents of the letter for compliance with the basic rules of mass email:

  1. Avoid using words such as email, promotion, free, gift, discount, cheap, buy, price, urgent, sale, win, attention, etc.
  2. Do not use several capital letters in a row, for example, NEW PRODUCT GROUP!
  3. Do not include repeated exclamation or question marks in the letter subject, such as New Promotion!!!!!

Use personalization (reference by name) in the letter body and letter subject, if possible.

Also, we do not recommend using free email services such as, etc. as a return email address.

For its part, SendExpert provides white IP addresses for emails and the absence of providers in the blacklists.

Last update 12.10.2020