How to Send Multiple Emails?

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We can look at this question from two different sides.

Firstly, often there is a need to send one letter to several recipients. In this case we are not talking about mass mailing to thousands of addresses. Secondly, you may have a need to send several different email to one recipient. Email clients give us such possibilities. Let's see how we can actually do this in Gmail — one of the most common email service.

One email to several recipients

Here you have several ways to send an email to more than one recipient. After you have created the letter, indicated the subject, in the recipient field you have the choice «To» «Cc» «Bcc». What do these options mean and what is the difference?


Everyone is familiar with the TO field and usually we use this one while working with emails. Here we indicate the direct recipients of our letter, who can then perform any actions for response. It is important to note that here you can write down any number of addresses, there are no restrictions. You can send a letter to two people and twenty people. And all recipients who are listed in this field will be able to respond to your email. So technically, you will send n identical letters to n addresses. Also, all recipients will see who else has been sent this letter to.


The CC field is an abbreviation of carbon copy. This function is very similar to the previous one, but there is a one important difference. Here, as in the TO case, you can specify an unlimited number of recipients. All recipients will see the email addresses of other people listed in this field. But the difference between the CC and the TO fields is that if you specify a person in the CC field, he will not be able to respond to this letter. Because technically they do not receive the letter itself, but only a copy of it.


This abbreviation means Blind Carbon Copy. Using this field you can keep anonymity for your recipients, because the recipients indicated in this field will be hidden from the rest. Only the sender of the letter can see the addresses from the Blind Carbon Copy field. The recipients specified in this field also can nor see their «neighbors». They won»t also see the response letters from «TO» field recipients. And, as in the case of the CC, including person to the Blind Carbon Copy list, you do not give him the opportunity to respond to your letter, since this is just his copy.

Multiple emails (several) to one address

Originally there isn»t such function in the Gmail service. But you can solve this problem and send multiple email using web-browser extension. For Chrome it is «Multiple Forward For Gmail».

1. First step.

Download the extensions to your browser from the Chrome Web Store

2. Second step

Go to your email box and choose letters you want to resend.

3. Third step.

Authenticate the extension. You need to allow the extension to use your information in accordance with its respective terms of service and privacy policies.

4. Fourth step

Type the email address of recipient. It is also possibly to write down several emails

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