How to Send Mass Email?

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Mass email or bulk email is a great way to communicate with your audience. Marketing emails allow you to establish contact with the subscriber,develop your brand-customer relationship, reanimate inactive customers, receive the necessary feedbacks, notify about promotions and news. 

To send mass email, you need to decide a number of issues.

1. Subscribers» base.

Before you think about sending a newsletter, you need to build up a subscriber base to which your email will be send. This stage can take a lot of time. That is why a lot of those who want to send mass email decide to shorten the path and go the simple way by buying the base. And this is one of the surest ways to get in the black lists of «spammers».

You can collect the database through chat bots, registration on the site, pop-ups, subscription forms in  your blog or on the site and other methods.

2. Purpose of email

Emails, as well as any action in marketing, should be reasonable and have a specific task that it should solve.

This may be an increase of conversion by 5%, an increase in sales by 10%, a rise of a brand awareness or audience activity, website traffic, etc.

3. Type of letter.

As soon as you have decided your purpose, the next step is to choose the type of email. These can be transactional, trigger, informational, selling letters.

You send transactional letters as part of a committed or interrupted operation. For example, payment confirmation. Trigger letters are sent in response to certain actions, for example, an abandoned basket. Using informational letters you can notify subscribers about company»s news or other useful information. With the help of selling letters you can advertise your product, report on promotional offers, etc.

4. Construct a letter.

Depending on the type and purpose of the future mailing, we begin to create the appropriate email. This topic is quite extensive and requires separate consideration. In short, any letter should consist of the following elements: subject, preheader, body of the letter, call-to-action buttons, contacts, socials links, the reason why of receiving the letter and an unsubscribe link.

5. Select the method of sending.

You can send mass mailings in several ways.

  • Using free email clients like Google.
  • Through own servers
  • Using special email services.

The first two methods limit your possibilities, for example, in a number of possible recipients. Sending through own sites and servers will also take a lot of resources, and the result may not be worth the effort.

Therefore, the simplest and, the most importantly, effective way to send marketing emails is through special services, such as SendExpert.

Most modern services allow you to create letters without special knowledge in html, using easy-to-use block or visual editors.

Also, such services provide an opportunity to customize the series of trigger and transactional letters, create your own letter templates or use ready-made ones.

Other important advantage of  bulk email services is a possibility of segmentation of a base and personalization of letters. For example, in the SendExpert service, a user can divide the base using groups and filters. You can also use A / B testing to determine the most appropriate version of the letter.

Email service provides you with  statistics of all the campaigns. For example, SendExpert has a system of detailed reports which can help you to find out the geography of openings, the type of device, the most clickable links  and other data.

6. Analyze the results

After examining the reports provided by mailing services, we draw conclusions and make changes to our email strategy.

Actually, this is all you need to do to send a mass mailing.

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