How to Send Bulk Emails Without Getting into Spam

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All popular mail servers, like Gmail,, Yandex, etc, check all email very carefully to escape any possible spam letters. The blacklist checkers verify all letters in 2 stages. The first is the verification of the technical part of the letter, and the second is the analysis of the content of the email. So you if you want to send bulk email without spamming you need to take into consideration the next recommendations.

Technical part

1. Do not send marketing email or newsletters with the address of the sender, which is located on free mail servers —,,, etc. Send letters only from the corporate address or your mail server.

2. It is highly recommended to have the SPF, DKIM, DMARС records on your domain. These records are easily configured and show the mail servers of the subscribers that the client actually allows the mailing from these addresses and the letters arrive in the form in which they were sent — without any changes until they reach the addressee. With SendExpert system, it is the matter of few minutes to set the SPF, DKIM, DMARС records.

Content part

1. Subject line

• Avoid using words such as promotion, free, gift, discount, cheap, buy, price, urgent, sale, win, attention, etc.

• Do not use several capital letters, for example: A NEW GROUP has appeared in the product category!

• Do not make recurring exclamation or question marks in the subject line, for example: New Promotion !!!!!

• If possible, use personalization in the subject line. This technique not only will help you in protecting yourself from blacklists, but also will increase the OR of letters.

2. Body

• Avoid using images only. Remember that the ratio of visual content to text is 60/40, where 60% is text and only 40% are images. Otherwise, you risk getting into the SPAM folder. When the content of the letter consists of a large number of pictures and links, these letters can also be included in «promotions» folder.

• Avoid pictures that contain text. Modern spam filters easily detect the presence of text in pictures and consider this as a hidden advertisement. So such emails can be indicated as  SPAM.

• Pay attention to the links you use in your letter. There mustn»t be any redirects or broken links. Also it won»t be very helpful if you use shorten links.  

Each mailing is individual, and to make sure that the subscribers see your letter in the Inbox folder, we also recommend using the «SPAM Analyzer» in the SendExpert system before you send your email. At this stage, your letter will be sent to the reserved mailboxes of popular mail servers,,,,, etc. and you will see whether your letters got into spam or not.

And the last recommendation is to work with your base.

Yes, it is very difficult to assemble a database, but, believe us, it is even more difficult (and sometimes impossible) to restore your reputation with spam filters of mail systems. Sending letters to subscribers who are not interested in it will only create problems and the effect of such a spam attack will be zero.

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