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Quite often, our customers approach us only when planning to commence launching of the emailing campaigns. This is an indication that they do not have practical experience with mailing lists, and the existing database is outdated/or inactive. In this case, prudential start is very important:  you cannot do without an emailing strategy. It is necessary to develop a step-by-step guide, where all steps will be described: from a welcome letter submission to the database segmentation.

So, to initiate the first email campaign, on average, needed a minimum set of services: developing an email strategy for the chain of letters, development of a unique letter template design and adaptive makeup, writing content for this chain of letters.

Preparation of the first mailing newsletters for the company IWT (Integrated Water Technologies Ltd.)

The company approached us willing to order development of the template design, and the letter text as well.

After reading the briefing notification, we received the following information from them:

  • Notification reason: 10 years anniversary of «Integrated Water Technologies» company on Ukrainian market (in Ukrainian);
  • Mailing using a small «dead» database (about 2000 people);
  • There were no mailings using this database earlier.

Objective:  To determine direction of communication through email marketing tools for the next 2 months. Competent startup of the email campaign.


  • Development of an email strategy for the chain of letters convey.
  • Database segmentation into active and inactive entities.
  • Development of the plan for operations with segments.
  • Drafting the first welcome letter.
  • Development of a universal, adaptive template (makeup and loading into the system).
  • Development of the letters submission plan according to the chosen communication directions.
  • Launch of the mailings in agreed time (according to the plan).
  • Analysis of the results for submitted letters.
  • Reporting and recommendations for further actions.


1. Development of email-strategy for letters chain

Database upgrade. As a result, we got an active core of the subscribers — these are potential leads for the company.

Next, creating a strategy for a chain of letters in 4 phases. For each letter we develop a plan. For the first and last IWT distribution, we prepared several letter drafts — according to the number of the database segments.

2. Design of a unique letter layout in an adaptive template

It is very important when the appearance of the letter harmoniously coincides with the overall brand concept.

Doing the study works:

  • company brand book study,
  • site analysis,
  • analysis of the design and styling of the social networks content.

When design is ready, we perform a letter makeup and test the letter:

  • testing for the different email clients
  • correct links check
  • verification of the visual elements correct screening

3. Writing texts for the newsletters

1) Reasons for notification

Information about the 10th anniversary of the company on the Ukrainian market: achievements, significant events, plans for the future

2) Tone of notification

We maintain a friendly tone that the company uses to communicate with the customers in a corporate blog, social networks

3) Laconism

We take into account that a part of the users will read the a letter from a mobile device screen, so the subject should be briefly described. Together with the customer we agreed an option: «We upgraded the pump business. Results of the first decade!»

4) Personalization

We creating effect of the personal communication: we placed the photo and contacts of the manager at the end of the letter and address directly in the letter to the concrete subscriber

5) Relevant content

If the base is heterogeneous, then we prepare texts that are relevant for each group of the subscribers

In case of IWT, we prepared different texts for the following groups of subscribers selected during the database segmentation:

  • Those who previously never purchased goods and, most likely, knew a little about the company (the database was collected during exhibitions and conferences);
  • Those who previously made purchases and familiar with the brand.


Friendly speaking we expected some positive, but did not even think that it would be so good. After all, the newsletter was sent out using inactive database. However, the resulting numbers speak for themselves:

18.84% is a very good reading indicator for the first newsletter, and considering that it was an old base, it is simply amazing! Pumping business is a very narrow oriented sector. 33 clicks on the link to the site is a good sign, that there are people in the database who are interested in the company activity and who could be converted into the leads.

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