What Is Bulk Email?

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Bulk email is a way to communicate with a large number of people via e-mail.

In other words, using bulk email you can send one letter to an unlimited number of addresses. With free mail services such as Gmail you can only create copies of letters. Although it is possible to make these copies as «hidden» ones, this is suitable for communication with several dozens of people, but in order to work with large contact databases, it is necessary to resort to bulk email, which you can send by specialized services like SendExpert. 

Such emails can be used for different purposes. For example, you can send mass email to notify your employees with corporative news. But the main usage of mass email is to implement marketing tasks. Email marketing is used to be and still is one of the most effective, despite the fact that we live in the era of social media and messengers.

Marketing emails are the great tool to promote your business with a small investment. Because the statistic shows that bulk emails have the highest ROI — the rate of return on investment.

Mass mailings help to solve the following tasks

1. Make a contact.

As a rule, for this purpose the welcome letters are being used. This is an automatic email that comes after subscription or registration. So you become acquainted with your subscriber, prepare them for further cooperation and communication.

2. Develop a communication.

Yes, it is true that nowdays for most users a preferable way to communicate is messengers and chat bots. But via e-mail, you can also communicate successfully. Moreover, the more channels of communication you use to reach your audience\clients, the better for the company.

3. Updating and informing.

These are the task of the promotional emails and newsletters. This is the way you notify customers about new goods, hot offers, news or changes in the company. In addition, you can also create advisory email that give subscribers advice on the use of certain products (those they have recently purchased or are interested in), as well as various types of educational email with interesting information about your industry.

4.Building up clients loyalty.

mail-marketing is a great tool for implementing a customer loyalty system. Because of an orientation toward a long-term communication, emails make it possible establish strong relationship with the client. Special discounts, bonuses, gifts, promotional codes for subscribers encourage customers to maintain contact with the company and form a commitment to the company \ brand.

5. Push to a purchase.

Reminding of the abandoned cart in online stores, the goods that the user once viewed, or the services they were interested in, you refresh their interest and pushing them to make a purchase. 

6. Data collection.

Questionnaires or feedback letters allow you to collect the necessary feedbacks for your company. So you give customers the opportunity to express their opinions and impressions about your service or product quality in just a few clicks. Unlike «ratings» in social networks, it allows you to gather more extensive data.

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