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Work with client data effectively

Easily import the existing database and attract new customers through the vibrant forms of subscription created in the special constructor. With a flexible system of the filters formation, select the desired group of subscribers for further work with them.

Work with client databases effectively

Increase your sales using various communication channels

Send messages via various communication channels, integrated in a single system. Use ready-made topic templates or create adaptive emails using the built-in editor.

Increase your sales using various communication channels

Plan your advertising campaigns with visual reports

Minimize costs with the help of analytics and the subsequent, competent planning of the marketing campaign. See and analyze the full reports, find out who and when opened your message, which links were clicked, why someone unsubscribed from mailing.

Plan your advertising campaigns with visual reports


Simplicity and convenience
Simplicity and convenience

We have put many efforts and have created a user-friendly interface that even a novice PC user will master

Гарантована доставка
High deliverability

We carefully monitor the reputation of our servers and you can be sure that your messages in 98% will reach the addressee

Assistance at every stage
Assistance at every stage

We will train, advise, protect from errors and will pass with you all the way starting from campaign launch to making a profit


Some Figures

More 8 thousand customers
More 100 million per month
emails per month
More 30 thousand emails in a minute
emails in a minute

Profit from each mailing sent!

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